Since 1998, Garry and Mike have been taking part in a European road trip event for charity.

Back in 1998, the "Tour de Liberation" was introduced to us by a lady by the name of Mrs Dart, who had done the first ever Tour de Liberation in 1997; her description, information sheet, and evidently my relaying of its content to Mike was enough to convince us both that this was something we definitely wanted to be involved with!


drmarksBush Hospital Foundation

Back in those days, the tour was organised in aid of raising money for the Bush Hospital Foundation, and due to its timing around Jersey's Liberation day, become known as "Le Tour de la Liberation".

It was initially was based in a circular tour of Northern France, ending back at St Malo for the return to Jersey. As interest increased, our first trip to Monte Carlo was launched, and was a complete success!

focus-logoChip Somers, clue master extraordinaire

From the very beginning, Chip Somers of the Focus 12 Charity has been the main route and clue organiser, doing it to help raise money for both his charity and the Bush Hospital Foundation - and also to fuel his desire to outwit helpless confused Jersey people!

hospicelogoJersey Hospice

In 2008, the local Charity taking on the reins of the tour changed to Jersey Hospice Care. Supported by the Gallery magazine, the tour became known as The Gallery Rally. Still with route and clue organisation being provided by Chip Somers, the trip has continued to gain popularity.

Since we have been participating in the "tour", we have been lucky enough to end up at a number of different European destinations. France, Monaco, Barcelona, San Sebastian and Geneva have been the happy end to the tour over the various years



The British Heart FoundationHeart logo

In 2015, we added The British Heart Foundation as an additional charity to benefit from our fundraising efforts. Any money donated this year will be split equally between Jersey Hospice and The British Heart Foundation.



The Silkworth Charity Group

In 2016, The Silkworth Charity Group was added as the list of charities to benefit from our fundraising efforts. This year, any money raised will be split equally between Jersey Hospice and Silkworth Charity Group.